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Welcome to Rice Metronome!

Rice Metronome is pleased to present RiceMaestro, the world's first natural tempo metronome.

Yes, humans have natural tempos. We all share them, and you might be surprised how few there are. What's more, none of the natural tempos are available on conventional metronomes with beats per minute (BPM) as tempo choices. Only the Maestro provides the tempos that people play when they play on their own or with other people, and with millisecond accuracy. This patented technology is called Human Index Pace Electronics (HIP-E). HIP Electronics is the solution to the inhuman quality that plagues conventional metronomes.

Do metronomes frustrate you? Do you get ahead or behind the beat when you feel like your rhythm is fine? Try RiceMaestro. By disposing of the antagonistic, conventional tempos, and adhering to the natural human tempos, HIP Electronics makes a metronome feel like you are playing with another human